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型号/Part No.: AKE
料号/Number: AKE112DM00G

Please refer to the pdf file. The website drawing is for reference only. For details, please contact sales.

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安规类别/Safety category:UL
额定电压/Coil Nominal Voltage:12V DC  
额定电流/Coil Nominal Current:16.7mA 
电阻/Coil Resistance:720Ω±10%
功耗/Coil Power Consumption:Abt. 0.20W
引入电压(VDC)/Pull-In Voltage(VDC):9V Max
输出电压(VDC)/Drop-Out Voltage(VDC):0.6V Min
允许最大电压/Maximum Allowable Voltage:18V   
操作时间/Operate Time:8 mSec. Max. 
释放时间/Release Time:6 mSec. Max.